How to get auto insurance OSAGO without life insurance and other imposed services

Let’s start with the main thing. Obligatory and statutory car insurance for CTP does not include life insurance. Life insurance at registration of the policy of CTP is not obligatory. The driver has the right not to include life insurance in the CTP and not to conclude an additional insurance contract. Car insurance without life insurance is a common basic package, which is legally approved in 2014 by the law on OSAGO.

If you are required to carry out car insurance by law, then life insurance and other additional forms of insurance are a personal matter and a personal choice of each. It is unpleasant when they try to make this choice for you and force them to pay additional, even useful, services in addition to the obligatory services prescribed in the basic package. The right to decide must remain with the driver.

How to get a CTP insurance policy without life insurance

Indeed, life and health insurance is a useful and correct option, especially for the driver. In many countries, such insurance is mandatory. The driver must be insured because it is at increased risk when driving a vehicle. But in Russia at the moment driver’s life insurance is not mandatory. To verify this, read the law on auto insurance.

Life insurance is a separate and not at all free service. It is illegal to impose this, or any other service when making a mandatory form of OSAGO insurance.

Refusing additional insurance can be as difficult as buying an additional cover on the phone, but the way sellers and agents work is about the same. There are quite effective methods of dealing with unnecessary expenses and excessive concern of health insurance companies. Consider how you can solve the problem and abandon the imposed services.

Where it is better to insure the car by CTP

What should a motorist know when concluding an auto insurance contract

  1. Frequently, motorists complain that the insurance has taken the original documents, without which it is impossible to drive, and it takes time, “punishing” customers for purchasing basic insurance without additional life insurance. The insurance company is not entitled to detain the original documents. For the conclusion of the insurance contract is enough copies. When you make insurance through the State Services website – you send electronic copies of documents, your account on State Services, confirmed by a separate set of documents, serves as confirmation of authenticity.
  2. When sending paper copies you can get a paper confirmation document. To have on hand a confirmation of receipt by the insurance company of a package of documents – use a registered letter or courier service with a note of delivery. Be sure to have an inventory of the package of documents. Having in your hands a certified certificate that you have handed over the full package, you are entitled to demand that the deadlines for issuing the policy set by law be met.
  3. When sending a full package of documents and paying for the base rate with regard to coefficients, the company does not have the right to refuse to issue you an OSAGO policy.
  4. For the imposition of additional services, the company faces a fine, which is likely to be calculated with an overly persistent agent. It is about 50 thousand.
  5. Imposed insurance can be returned and received compensation.
  6. If, when viewing documents, you found additional services that were not even spoken about in the office, for example, transferring a pension to a non-state fund, immediately refuse and write a complaint to the Rospotrebnadznadzor. Pension transfers are a fraud that you may not notice right away, the amount of insurance does not increase, just one more sheet is added to the package, requiring signature. Be sure to carefully review all documentation before signing. Take the package home for review.
  7. Do not be afraid to offend insurance agents who are trying to unleash “on additional” refusal of additional conditions at the conclusion of the contract. Imagine how much they will be upset when an insured event occurs? They defend their interests and act within the bounds of the authorities. You must defend your interests, or hire a lawyer.
We sign the contract OSAGO correctly

What are the difficulties with the unwillingness of the client to enter into a bad deal?

Insurance companies have the right to refuse service and enjoy this right with pleasure. For example, if the age of the car is more than 12 years. Thus, the car owner is forced to update the vehicle not on their own, but because of the need for insurance. In service can refuse and without explanation, as in a restaurant.

A motorist cannot refuse to cooperate – CTP is mandatory, although the driver can choose the insurance company independently. Many motorists do not even know that they have the right to independently choose a package of services and choose a basic package without ordering additional life and health insurance. Knowledge of the laws and independently studying the issue from the point of view of legislation will help to accuse the insurance company and its representatives of deliberate distortion of information and violation of laws.

In response to the illegal actions of the insurance company, the driver has the right to insist on concluding a contract on the basis of the law on OSAGO, at the uniform rates established by law. The truth about the bonuses of the company will have to forget, but it is not too much loss.

In addition to life insurance, agents intrusively offer the transfer of pensions to a special pension fund. In this case, pension contributions are deprived of state guarantees. As a result, instead of reducing the risks associated with insurance, there is, on the contrary, an increase in the risks, and at the same time, associated with significant annual expenses. It is possible that the costs of litigation will be lower than agreeing to obviously unfavorable conditions.

How to deal with the imposition of services at registration of CTP
Large companies often impose additional services when they issue a CTP

How to deal with non-compliance with deadlines

In many cases, the driver does not want to get involved and argue with the insurance policy – he needs a CTP insurance policy, and insurance companies clearly hint that the speed of CTP registration is directly dependent on the purchase of an extended service package. If there is a delay in processing, ask for a document certifying that your insurance is being processed . It may not save you from formal fines when traffic police officers stop for lack of insurance , but you can file a claim for too long clearance. According to the legislation, the execution of insurance documents must be completed within 1 day after the transfer of money to the account.

Do not leave the original documents required for travel, in the insurance company.

It is worth considering if you are hard-pressed to impose additional expenses and make it clear that they are considering you solely as a payer, and not as a consumer of the service – it is possible that it will be even harder to get paid when the insured event occurs. In addition, the cost of monthly payments after any recorded accidents will inevitably increase. The benefit of CTP for the driver is significantly reduced with an increase in the cost of insurance. If instead of the protection that the law guarantees, you only get an increase in the cost of using the car, such insurance is inconvenient.

In some cases, an extra thousand rubles a month to the insurance fee may be decisive, affecting the profitability of a business or even the quality of life. In addition, the imposition of additional services is outrageous from an ethical point of view. Not to mention the fact that it is really illegal, but it is possible, since insurance companies have real opportunities to put pressure on drivers.

General rules for registration of OSAGO insurance without life insurance

  • Make out insurance without an insurance agent via the Internet .
  • Check the amounts carefully, do the calculations yourself.
  • Choose a reliable company , pay bills through public services.
  • If a direct pension fund fraud is found – terminate the contract, contact the pension fund and cancel the transfer transaction, write a complaint to the Rospotrebnadzor.
  • With a personal visit, keep a record in a pointed manner – this improves the quality of service.
  • Do not leave the original documents.

What to do and how to issue compulsory car insurance CTP without supplements

Take responsibility for the calculations on yourself. If you are not ready to trust insurers, you will have to take responsibility yourself. How to do it:

  • Learn online insurance cost calculators on the websites of large companies. Perform preliminary and accurate calculations of the amount of insurance without agents and someone else’s obsessive chatter. Self-counting payments, you save yourself from the psychological pressure from agents.
  • All amounts before your eyes. The formula for calculating the base rate is clearly spelled out in the “Law on CTP”. The coefficients by region, by experience of the driver, engine power are available in public access. You can even calculate the amount manually, on a piece of paper. But on the online calculator is more convenient. Manually, you can check the correctness of the calculations, whether the mysterious coefficient “x” has appeared.
  • The openness and availability of data for independent calculations, the presence of legally approved coefficients allow responsible people familiar with mathematics in the framework of secondary school to independently perform calculations.
When making a CTP, drivers began to impose life insurance

How to exclude the imposition of additional services when you make a car insurance

Pay for insurance through the Internet to completely eliminate the factor of agents who want commissions and premiums from your payments.

For large payments through the network, you must comply with the security requirements:

  • Verify the authenticity of the site of the selected company . The best proof of the reality of the site will be the integration with the official state site of the State Service. Check the authenticity of the phones. Find the company’s phone in independent sources, call and specify the website address.
  • Ensure the security of the selected company. View job history, payouts, statistics, reviews.
  • The total absence of negative feedback should be alarming. Insurance payments are related to money disputes. Do without disgruntled in this case will not work. If all reviews are extremely positive, grateful and about the same – they are fake. How often do you write thanks yourself if you liked everything? And how often are you ready to write a complaint? People love to complain and do not rush to thank, if something special has not happened.
  • Order and pay for insurance through the Internet, through the official portal of state services .
  • On the imposition of additional services for insurance often complain Rosgosstrakh – one of the largest insurance companies. The company has a website, and you can buy a policy through it. The site is integrated with the system of public services, which allows you to make secure payments.

How to refuse additional insurance at CTP

  • During a personal visit to the insurance company, if you are not ready to order via the Internet, lawyers recommend secretly recording the conversation and then suing. We recommend making it easier. Record without the consent of your interlocutor is illegal and is not evidence, obligatory to consideration.
  • Record the conversation. Simply inform that your lawyer recommended you to record the conversation and demonstratively put a voice recorder or smart recorder on the table.The employee cannot refuse to write. You will receive either an insurance agent tantrum, or an exemplary service with absolutely no imposition of services. Both options are successful. The hysterics proves that it makes no sense to work with the company, perfect service without problems is exactly what we want to receive. Scandalous revelations – the lot of journalists. We want to simply and easily buy a policy. Possible payments in the event of a trial and a positive court decision in your favor can be significant – this is a loss of profit, payment of transportation costs. But it’s easier to put the recorder on the table right away. Then you will not have to complain that the agent is “pushing” the transfer of the pension fund or forcing to other absurd actions.
  • Lawyers advise to terminate the contract, which is concluded on unfavorable conditions. In this case, you must receive the corresponding payments. Payments in case of termination of the contract and return of insurance are not always justified. Maybe just next year you need to look for another insurance company.
  • It is possible to conclude an imposed contract for additional insurance separately, and after receiving the policy immediately terminate the extra contract . Such a knight’s move will make you badly spoil the relationship with the insurance. It is better not to enter into additional insurance contracts right away.