Is it possible to make a CTP on a car in another city

The presence of a CTP policy is a prerequisite, regardless of what type of vehicle the driver controls. Without this document it will not be possible to get insurance in case of getting into an accident, even under the condition that another person will be the culprit. In addition, for the lack of insurance policy you will face administrative liability in the form of a fine, whose size is 800 rubles.

Obtaining a CTP policy raises many questions. In particular, people ask – is it possible to get insurance for a car in another region? This is really a fairly common question, because many car owners periodically change the region of their stay in the form of their professional activities, often finding themselves not in the place of their registration, but in the place of their stay.

So is this moment important and is it possible in practice to insure your car in another from the region of residence. In this article we will deal with this issue in detail, as well as consider possible problems with obtaining a document.

How to issue CTP in different cities

The main reasons for obtaining a CTP in another region

Nobody denies the obligation to insure a car. But often this need arises in a completely different region, i.e. not at the place of registration of the owner.

This happens for several reasons:

  • Purchase of a vehicle in another city or region for the purpose of its further transportation to its place of residence.
  • Acquisition of a vehicle for the purpose of operation in this region. This need often arises because of the performance of their professional activities.
  • If a person is temporarily without registration, due to the recent change of place of residence.
  • If the purchase of a vehicle is initiated by a car dealership located in another region.

Of course, you can try to overtake the car without taking out insurance, but the fact of this action is already considered a violation of the existing rules. So how to issue a CTP in another region, if you do not have a local residence permit?

According to the current legislation, the lack of local registration is not a reason for the failure of insurance companies to provide an opportunity to insure the vehicle. In other words, you can get a CTP policy absolutely in any insurance organization, regardless of its territorial location.

Car registration and purchase of CTP
Is it necessary to register a car for insurance

What you need for registration?

Registration of the insurance policy involves the provision of a specific list of documents. If you are in another region, then you should go to the insurance company with the following documentation:

  • Identification. In addition to a passport, this document may be a military ID.
  • Driver’s license confirming the right to drive a car.
  • Car Passport (PTS).
  • Documentary evidence of the passage of the car a full technical inspection . The validity of the diagnostic card can not be less than 30 days.
  • It is the responsibility of the policyholder to confirm that you have actually purchased the vehicle. This may be a loan agreement, sale, etc.

The insurance company may also request a vehicle registration certificate. If it is absent, which is natural when buying a car for the purpose of further transfer to your place of residence, you can apply for a temporary registration policy, i.e., you will receive short-term registration numbers for twenty days. Naturally, the driver undertakes to register the vehicle until the end of this period.

The difference in the cost of registration in another city

Everyone knows that the basic tariff of the policy is unchanged, regardless of the region of Russia. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that in some regions of the Russian Federation various correction factors will act, so insurance may cost more in some places.

How to get a CTP policy in the regions

The size of this coefficient is influenced by several factors:

  • The number of horsepower in the car.
  • Driving experience of the owner.
  • The number of persons who are allowed to drive a vehicle.
  • The number of hits in an accident. If a person often gets into an accident, then car insurance will cost him more.
  • Place of registration of the owner. There is a definite trend in which the cost of a CTP policy when registering in cities turns out to be higher than when registering in villages and villages.
  • The region where auto insurance is provided.

In particular, residents of large megacities are forced to pay a large amount for registration of CTP insurance policy . For example, the correction factor in the capital is equal to two, and in Voronezh – 1.5. At the same time, the correction factor is used in the region where the car owner himself is registered, i.e. if a resident of Moscow arrives in any village where he wishes to issue a CTP policy, he will still have to pay at prices set in Moscow.

Possible problems of obtaining CTP in another region

Obtaining a CTP policy in another region is an absolutely legitimate desire, so any car owner can claim it. But it so happens that all sorts of problems arise with this seemingly simple procedure.

Disadvantages of CTP in a foreign city

So why not get an insurance policy at the place of your registration? There are only two reasons:

  • Insurance companies do not always have their own branches throughout Russia.
  • Some insurers refuse drivers registration if they do not have a local residence permit.

It is important to understand that the failure of the insurance company for obscure reasons is a violation of current legislation. Since the presence of a local registration is not a ground for refusing to issue an OSAGO policy, such actions are illegal.

Moreover, if the driver pays only 800 rubles for the lack of insurance, a more serious fine is assumed for such an excess of his own powers – 50 thousand rubles. He will have to pay an official who made this violation.

If you are in a situation like this, then you should contact the local prosecutor’s office with the appropriate application. Fortunately, such problems are rare, so the procedure is quite successful.

Disadvantages of insurance in another city

We have figured out how to make insurance in the region, if there is no local registration. Many car owners are interested in others – are there any limitations or inconveniences for the further use of the CTP policy issued in another region?

Indeed, there are such disadvantages. The first thing I would like to say is the need to go to the region where you made out insurance, if an insured event has occurred. At the same time, documents for damages will have to be submitted to the very representative office where the insurance was issued. And this is the main drawback, since it is not always possible to travel a long distance after committing a traffic accident involving a car for which insurance is issued.