The maximum amount of insurance payment for CTP in an accident in 2019

Regular reforms of the legislation in the insurance sector lead to the fact that the maximum payment on OSAGO is constantly changing.

Most of the bills are aimed at reforms in the field of maximum damage recovery, this is due to trends in the increase in the value of the insured property, low coefficients of calculation and inflation in the country.

What is the maximum amount?

What is it

CTP is a service consisting in compulsory third-party liability insurance . Insurance payments occur when the property is applied to a vehicle, driver or other road users.

The maximum insurance amount directly depends on a huge variety of factors that should be considered when an insured event occurs.

Before the reform, the maximum amount of compensation was:

  • 160 thousand. Rub . – in case of damage to people or property simultaneously with several participants;
  • 120 thousand rubles . to compensate for losses in respect of the property of the 1st person;
  • 135 thousand. Rub . – at the death of 1 victim, the relatives had the right to compensation, in the case of seeking compensation;
  • 25 thousand. Rub . – the amount for the funeral, is paid in excess of the sum insured upon death.

To calculate insurance payments, a special formula is always applied, which includes many different moments and variable coefficients. It is worth considering that the maximum amount is written out only for good reasons , for example, the victim was the sole breadwinner.

It is important to understand that often material damage exceeds the amount of insurance compensation, sometimes the cost is several times greater than this indicator.

If the maximum amount of insurance indemnity in case of an accident does not cover the entire amount of the damage caused , the difference is in any case covered by personal funds. A large burden on the courts arose precisely for this reason.

Special reforms revised the maximum amount for car insurance allowed to reduce the number of claims and more to cover the cost of repairs. Limits have been significantly increased during a series of legislative changes.

The reaction of insurance companies to reforms in the legislation was an increase in premiums . Some regions of the country especially felt a surge in the cost of insurance, sometimes up to 200-250%. The advantage is that the proceedings on the occasion of an accident occurs without the involvement of the court. Limits on motor insurance increased not only for compensation in respect of property, but also health.

Important! Change of insurance policy issued before the reform does not occur.

Legislation applies exclusively to policies that were issued after the entry into force of the law. Accordingly, the sum insured under CTP, similarly and hull insurance concluded under the previous laws, will obey the law at the time of drafting.

What affects the maximum amount?

What influences

The maximum amount may depend on a huge number of factors , and given the tendency of insurance companies to lower compensation, sometimes it is necessary to prove or justify the need for the maximum allowable payment. Obviously, companies are not profitable to make such payments, so you can often fall into various traps , where the amount will be lower than that due.

Today, the government monitors how much the agencies pay, and in case of violation of the rights of insurers, the company is issued a substantial fine. The penalty is imposed in the amount of 50% of the amount that was required to be paid .

The basis for creating a sum is a calculation of all factors, which is carried out as part of an independent examination.

The greatest influence on the amount paid by the company, has:

  • the real value of movable property at the time of the insured event or the death of a person;
  • the presence of additional costs that have been imposed on the insurer in an accident.

Establishing the causes and situations of an accident is an important procedure, which determines the amount to be paid. If in case of an accident compensation amounts less than 50 thousand rubles are required , then the opportunity to receive the payment by a direct method, directly from your own insurer, becomes available.

The limit set by the state may simply not be paid by the company for various reasons.

  • the insurance agency was declared bankrupt, it has official confirmation;
  • revoked the license to carry out insurance activities;
  • not identified the culprit in the accident;
  • The perpetrator of the accident simply does not have car insurance.

In these cases, there is confusion about how to get the maximum payout or get any compensation at all. Amount paid in PCA. Each company is obliged to make its own contributions to the national union in this case. This made it possible to create a stabilization fund from which compensation can be issued.

If it is not established what responsibility has come, who is the culprit and the remaining problems listed – the PCA will pay the required amount for the insurance company.

How much can the maximum payout be in 2017

How much can the maximum payout be in 2017

Motor insurance in 2017 falls under the influence of the new law, which increases the maximum payment under the policy at times.

The changes took effect from 1.09.2014.

Upon the occurrence of special cases laid down in special algorithms, the insurance company must pay:

  • 400 thousand rubles – this is the maximum compensation for damage to property, the amount is issued for each vehicle;
  • 500 thousand rubles is a limit on the maximum amount in the event of damage to life or health. Restrictions are increased only 1.04.2017, therefore the limit of collection applies only to newer policies.

Today, damage coverage occurs only if each participant in the movement has a CTP policy that was issued after the deadline. Compliance with the rule is a prerequisite for the occurrence of this payment. If one of the participants has a maximum insurance penalty of 120-160 thousand rubles, then the persons will receive just such a sum.

Changes in legislation were introduced regarding what conditions exist for the maximum payment, as well as the term.

Now the deadline for submission of documents for 10 days has decreased and is 20 days.

How much is issued today?

How much is issued today

The minimum and maximum sum insured will not be revised until the end of 2017 , so the indicated values ​​will continue, at least in early 2018.

Important to remember! It matters what policies are issued from the culprit or the perpetrators, it is their insurance

Today, there is a method of direct compensation, when it is enough to directly contact the agency where the insurance is issued. The company will independently charge the required amount from the SC of the culprit.

Receipt of payments at the same time on hull insurance and compulsory motor TPL insurance is not possible , therefore, if two applications are submitted simultaneously, compensation will occur on OSAGO, and on hull insurance the insurer will be refused.

What to do in case of an accident?

What to do in case of an accident

From the correctness and adequacy of the actions of the driver depends not only the possibility of obtaining coverage for losses, but also their sum. Most insurance companies have a fairly standard algorithm of behavior, based on the rules of movement and allows you to determine the culprit as accurately as possible.

Algorithm of action in the event of an accident:

  1. It is necessary to turn off the engine and turn on the emergency siren . If not working, you need to install signs at a distance from the car to warn drivers.
  2. If there is an injured party, it is worth initially to make sure that the person and / or his property can leave the roadway . An ambulance is required to be called in, which will provide the necessary medical care and help determine the condition of the person. If necessary, first aid is provided even before the arrival of the medical staff by the perpetrator himself or asking for help from passersby. You can not leave the affected person on the roadway of one, you need to monitor the warmth of the person and maintain a conscious state until the arrival of doctors.
  3. It is necessary to call the traffic police and the dispatcher to report the accident that occurred , and also to transmit the coordinates of the location.
  4. Set the sign of an emergency stop .
  5. The call to the insurance company is made on the spot ; for this, they use the phone number that is registered in the CTP policy.
  6. It is necessary to be on the scene until the arrival of the traffic police , but for now nothing can be touched and moved.
  7. It will help to make a picture of the incident a few witnesses , it is worth finding a passer-by who saw what happened and can describe the situation. It is imperative to take contact information to communicate with the person.
  8. Before the arrival of the traffic police is recommended to make a photo and video of the car and the entire place of the accident . It is necessary to try to fix in the frame all the details that have value when recreating the picture: broken signs, fences, signs of braking, no marking, the presence of obstacles on the road. DVR – is an effective tool for recreating the situation.
  9. The inspector will offer documents for signing , they must be read, if there are inaccuracies – this should be recorded in the protocol.

All of these actions will provide confidence in the compensation from the insurance agency. Only it is important not to sign the act that the insurer has no claims against another participant in the accident, otherwise the company may refuse to pay. In more detail the algorithm of action after the accident, read this article .

The insurance company may receive a portion of the amount paid through an appeal or a claim in respect of the second participant of the accident.

If the company has special requirements for the behavior in case of an incident, this is reflected in a special instruction sheet , it should have been handed over during the preparation of the policy.

What is needed to receive payments on CTP?

What you need to get

To obtain the maximum amount of CTP, you must follow the algorithm:

  • Accident happened;
  • on this fact all the required documents are collected, their description is often present in the driver’s instructions, which are issued by many institutions;
  • the prepared package of documents is transferred to the company;
  • an expert assessment of the damage and the causes of the incident;
  • payment of funds is carried out in cash.

The most important step described above is the conduct of the evaluation procedure, which is carried out by an independent expert company . Often, insurance companies transfer the case to their own subsidiaries, which underestimate the cost of insurance.

Obtaining the described amounts without the corresponding damage becomes an impossible task. Even in the case of real damage to 400 thousand rubles, it is rarely possible to get the maximum payment . Recently, a special PCA catalog was created, in which spare parts and their cost are placed.

The catalog contains all spare parts for various models and brands of cars. This catalog is the basis for the formation of the payment amount. Overpayment is impossible to get, because everything compares with the cost.

How to get compensation?

How to get compensation

 To get paid, even for small damages, it is imperative to follow the rules for drawing up a claim. Maximum payments are not a priority for the company , so there is a high risk of litigation during which a decision on the amount of payments will be made. It is in the interest of the insurer to obtain the maximum amount of evidence of innocence and / or damage to the car right at the scene of the accident.

It is better to notify the insurance company immediately without delay. Another person must do the same. If the culprit of the accident is unknown or disappeared , it is desirable to fix the number of the car on the DVR. On the site issued a certificate from the traffic police, it must be provided to the organization that issued the policy.

An examination is issued for 5 days of the insurance company , then the conclusion is reported. If no agreement is reached, you can not sign. For the payment of 20 days from the date of transfer of documents.