How to make insurance for car insurance online

Starting from 2017, all insurance companies operating in the Russian Federation are obliged to provide their customers with the opportunity to make insurance for an OSAGO car online.

Today we will look at how to do this correctly and quickly, as well as highlight the main advantages of this option for obtaining a CTP and possible problems that motorists may encounter.

Why does a car enthusiast need an OSAGO insurance policy?

Making a car insurance is a mandatory requirement for every vehicle owner. Insurance policies are a document that serves as a kind of guarantor, allowing you to receive or pay for material damage caused during an emergency. CTP is defined as compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners, which is required to be made after purchasing a car, which means that life insurance for the driver and passengers of the vehicle is not included here.

An important rule is that you cannot drive a car without insurance. For such a violation, the owner of the car will be held accountable in accordance with the current legislation.

Today, car insurance can be done in two ways: use the old proven option – personally visit the branch of the insurance company and get a paper copy of MTPL insurance or turn your attention to a new opportunity – issue an insurance policy online. Consider the second option in more detail and explain how to make a document in electronic format.

What are the advantages of the CTP policy?

Companies themselves are actively promoting this method of obtaining policies, such as buying a document online. Order a policy is not difficult if you act strictly according to the proposed algorithm. Many citizens doubt this option, because they have no idea about the future use of the document, as well as how to make an OSAGO policy. The owners of the vehicle are wondering whether the document drawn up online will be as important as the verified paper version. In fact, the electronic version of an insurance policy is an analogy of a paper form and is endowed with the same functions.

Register the vehicle - we get the insurance policy
Vehicle registration for insurance

In addition, electronic policies obtained online have a number of additional benefits, expressed as follows:

  • there is no need to spend your time and money on a trip to the company’s office, it is enough to have any gadget or PC, as well as Internet access to issue a document;
  • You can independently determine the price of insurance, using a special calculator. If there is a desire, the motorist can independently remove or add additional services to the MTPL insurance policy;
  • the design process is simple and intuitive;
  • payment can be made immediately by transferring the required amount;
  • there is no need to communicate with intrusive insurance agents to make insurance;
  • the finished document will come to the specified e-mail address and will only print it.

The important point is that the policy of CTP on the car should always carry with you. No representations and seals in respect of such a document is not required, since it is already certified with a seal and signature, which means it is the original document.

Features of getting “autocitizens” online

Yet motorists are not very accustomed to the fact that you can issue a CTP policy on a car online, so this option is not very popular. It seems to many that it is much better to come to the insurance company, to conclude a contract and clarify in passing all the points related to the subsequent maintenance, than to make an OSAGO virtually.

On the other hand, people who insure a car very often, and in the same company, are not averse to resorting to online OSAGO . The online method does not take much time, and the algorithm for the procedure as a whole is clear. An additional advantage can be a significant time saving.

Registering a vehicle and getting an OSAGO online - vehicle drivers
Registration for a CTP: you need to specify the driver

Step-by-step instructions on how to design an e-insurance policy online

You can make an “autocitizen” on a car online through the website of the insurer. First you need to find out if this insurer provides this service and whether it is possible to make a document through the company’s website. The largest companies make out today policies in real time, therefore, to buy insurance, you should choose such firms. If there are no temporary failures on the insurer’s website, then you can apply for an insurance policy online.

The event itself is intuitively understandable even to an inexperienced user and consists of the following steps:

  1. A citizen must complete an online registration on the site by filling out a standard form. The personal data of the client is entered into it in order to be used later in receiving the policy. It is important that all information be specified without errors and as accurately as possible. As a result of registration, you will receive an SMS or an e-mail with the login and password for entering the site.
  2. The next step is to enter the site using the data obtained and choose the required service in your account: extension or registration of a new CTP insurance policy for the car
  3. You will need to fill out a standard application with all the characteristics that fit into the paper form. The application is required to verify the EDS or a valid password.
  4. At the next stage, the citizen gets access to the calculation of the insurance amount and the choice of payment options. Today, it is possible to pay the full cost of the service online, using a bank card or transfer funds from an electronic wallet.
  5. After the introduction of the fee, the policy appears in the user’s personal account, and then will be sent to the specified e-mail.

If this is necessary, then you can place an order for receiving the document with home delivery. Delivery of CTP policy on the car is inexpensive and allows motorists to eliminate the waste of their time. After receiving the document in electronic or paper form, the procedure is considered completed and the machine can be operated.

What information to obtain online OSAGO fill
Filling in all data and getting an OSAGO online

There is another opportunity to make a policy which should definitely be mentioned. Today, insurers offer users who have completed a service contract, also a simplified version of the online registration of insurance. For this, a special reference is sent to the citizen to an already executed document in the car owner’s personal account. After that, it is enough for him to make a check and pay a fee.

How to make insurance OSAGO online through the portal Gosuslugi?

Another place on the Net, where you can make insurance for cars from absolutely any company, is the Gosuslugi portal. You can do this around the clock and without any restrictions. The main condition is that only persons who have access to the portal and activated account can do this.

Not yet registered users will first have to register and verify their identity. Despite the fact that this will take only one day, the procedure is very troublesome and time consuming.

After registration is completed, you need to act as follows online:

  1. Go to the section “Transport and Driving”.
  2. Select the group “Electronic Insurance”.
  3. From the proposed list, select the company where the insurance will be performed. It is better to contact the company where the policy of CTP has already been issued. This will speed up the procedure and get additional discounts.
  4. At the next stage, the user will be redirected to the insurer’s website.
  5. Subsequent actions are similar to those mentioned above.

The advantage of insurance, therefore, is that to issue the “left” policy via the Internet will not work. The portal works only with trusted firms, and all documentation channels have additional protection.

What is the cheapest option for insurance OSAGO?

Today, a large number of insurers are committed to selling CTP policies on a car without restrictions with restrictions and with restrictions. In this regard, it is very difficult to make the right choice and not to fall into the hands of fraudsters.

In order to eliminate the problem situation in advance, and if you need an electronic version of the CTP insurance policy for a car, you should pay attention to the large insurance companies that have been in this business for a long time and have recommended themselves from the best side.