How to add another driver to the CTP policy

You have issued a CTP policy with an unlimited number of persons entitled to drive a car, but you do not know how to include one more driver in the insurance? Believe me, this procedure is not difficult.

If you take out a limited insurance, then every person who has the right to drive your car will need to be paid into the policy.

Otherwise, the driver who is driving the vehicle and is not specified in the policy, expect the following administrative measures :

  • Penalty – about 500 rubles;
  • Deprivation of the car owner’s rights for six months ;
  • Evacuation of the car to the car pound . In order to pick it up from there, you will need to present receipts for payment of the fine, as well as transportation and storage services for the car.

How many people can be inscribed on the CTP policy?

How many people can enter

According to the Russian legislation regulating the field of auto insurance, namely, the 3. On Compulsory Insurance of Vehicles , changes in insurance documents are made in accordance with the following rules:

  1. In insurance OSAGO you can enter an unlimited number of drivers . True, there is one thing – planning to specify more than 2-3 people, stop on the policy without restrictions. It will be cheaper;
  2. The direct policyholder has the right to add another driver at any time convenient for himself , even 1 day before the end of the insurance period.
  3. The number of people entered does not depend on the number of columns indicated in the policy (a total of 5). If there are not enough lines, they will be transferred to the reverse side of the document or they will attach the list to an additional form.
  4. The number of persons allowed to drive a vehicle does not affect the cost of insurance . It is calculated according to a completely different scheme.

Who can act as an additional driver? This may be a relative or acquaintance of the policyholder with a passport driver’s license.

What documents are required

What documents are required

What documents are needed for inscribing additional persons into the CTP? The package of papers required to perform such operations is the same for most organizations and is as follows:

  • Valid insurance;
  • Internal passport and driver’s license of the person who must be entered;
  • Insurer’s internal passport;
  • Application for registration in the policy of an additional driver – is written either on the letterhead of the insurance company, or in free form. To clarify all the bureaucratic nuances should first consult with the staff of the organization.

On a note! The above documents are provided to an authorized insurance agent.

It should also be noted that the introduction of other drivers in the policy can be carried out not only in the presence of the owner of the insurance, but also without it . However, in the latter case, he must send to the insurance organization a representative who has the appropriate authority. But the presence of a person who is added to the insurance is not necessary.

If these changes occur without the insured, the additional driver must agree to amend the CTP (written). This document can be compiled in any form, but it must necessarily have a signature and date, made by the hand of the policyholder.

Is it possible to independently enter data into insurance?

If a motorist needs to register additional persons, he should apply for help to any insurance company (for example, Rosgosstrakh or VSK).

Self-adding other drivers to the policy is illegal and entails criminal liability . In addition, such actions simply do not make sense, because if you get into an accident with serious consequences, you simply can not expect to pay cash compensation .

How to add to the CTP other drivers?

Modern technologies offer UK clients two ways to enter others into the MTPL policy – during a personal visit to the company’s office and online. Some organizations provide a home insurance agent call service.

Enter the driver in the office of the insurance company

Enter the driver in the office of the insurance company

As already mentioned, in order to issue an addendum to the CTP insurance policy, it is enough to apply to the insurance company you trust. The best companies are Ingosstrakh, Consent, Renaissance, MAKS, SOGAZ, VTB, RESO-Garantia and AlfaStrakhovanie.

The procedure for registration of an additional person in the insurance is as follows:

  1. Verification of the documents provided by an employee of the company;
  2. Making primary changes to the system and fixing another driver in the IC database. To bypass this stage is impossible. Otherwise, the policy will be void;
  3. Recalculation of the cost of the insurance policy;
  4. Issuance of payment details to the car owner;
  5. Payment of funds to the insurance organization;
  6. Issuance of new auto insurance with all additions.
  7. Fixing the authenticity of the CTP policy with the seal of your service company.

Entering driver data via the Internet

Entering driver data via the Internet

Unfortunately, not all insurance organizations allow customers to make changes via the Internet . Most of them prefer to carry out all operations only in person. This is due to the difficulties associated with the identification of individuals that are entered into the OSAGO.

Exceptions are made only when entering into the number of policy owners foreigners and drivers without seniority.

What do you need to get other drivers online? After signing the insurance contract, you get access to your personal account, the access to which is password protected. All changes in the design of the new driver can only be made through this resource.

Can I add additional drivers by phone?

Can the second, third or fourth policyholder be paid by phone? To protect themselves, none of the well-known insurance companies will not practice this method of registration. This, again, is related to the identification of a person. In a telephone conversation, you can only arrange a meeting with an agent and the possibility of a future change in the number of drivers.

How to register in a foreigner insurance policy?

Drivers who are not citizens of the Russian Federation, can fit into the CTP on a general basis . To do this, you must provide the insurance agent with a passport and driver’s license. If there is a “Green Card”, it should also be added to the package of documents. With this documentation, the IC will be able to get all the necessary information about a particular driver.

Entering into the OSAGO of persons without experience

Motorists who have no experience, are at risk . If you want to make a driver who has only acquired the right to the policy, remember that he must be 22 years old . This will significantly reduce the cost of paperwork.

On a note! Under the driving experience is not understood to be a driving experience, and the time elapsed from the date of obtaining a driver’s license.

That is, if you drive a car from the age of 15, but did not bother to get the necessary documents, your driving experience is zero.

Additional registration price

Additional registration price

How much does it cost to make changes to the insurance CTP?

The final cost of the policy is influenced by several factors:

  • The age of the person to be entered is up to 22 years or older;
  • Driving experience – more or less 3 years;
  • Trouble-free experience or individual accident rate;
  • Number of persons previously entered into the policy;
  • The number of days remaining until the expiration of the contract (the fewer days left, the more expensive the insurance will be).
Driver’s ageDriving experienceMaximum KBM (bonus-malus coefficient)Percentage of total CTP
Up to 22 yearsUp to three years1.880%
22 years and olderUp to three years1.770%
Up to 22 yearsMore than three years1.660%
More than 22 yearsMore than three yearsone0%

Table 1. Calculation of the cost of CTP

Important! The price of the policy is regulated by law and can not increase at the discretion of the insurance company. And one more thing – given the seemingly high cost, adding other motorists will be much cheaper than signing a new contract.

As you can see, it is possible to make changes in insurance free of charge only if the driver has a permissible length of service and has never been involved in an accident. But if a person is younger than 22 years old and has not once got into an accident , the service will in any case be paid, because it is associated with a huge risk. Of course, in some cases, organizations can make some concessions, but for this the policy holder must be given guarantees in the form of long and trouble-free experience.

For each year of the emergency management of the vehicle by an additional driver, the OSAGO owner is entitled to a 5% discount . In order for these documents to be taken into account when drafting documents, the motorist to be inserted must provide a certificate from the traffic police about the absence of accidents due to his fault. It should also be noted that the discount for trouble-free driving is given only if this person was mentioned in the CTP earlier.

When calculating the price for insurance OSAGO need to consider a few points:

  • If you received a policy at a discount, and the person who wrote the policy has no reason to use it , then this discount will not apply to it;
  • The more discount you received when you make a contract, the more you will have to pay extra for an inexperienced and young driver, since his KBM is still very high;
  • If the policy was originally drawn up for a young motorist, an additional fee will not be charged when making changes. In this case, the cost of compulsory motor TPL insurance has already been calculated taking into account the highest MSC.

Question of fines

The issue of fines is regulated by the current Code of Administrative Offenses (Article 12.37, Part 1). In addition to the absence in the auto insurance policy of all persons entitled to drive a vehicle, the use of expired insurance is also a reason for imposing a fine . The size of the fine in this case is also about 500 rubles.