How and where to insure the car?

Car insurance is a rather complicated topic, and at times introducing even very intelligent and organized people into a state of stupor.

There is one reason – stereotypes.

The purpose of this article is to show that car insurance is not difficult at all,but, on the contrary, it is simple and generally quite fast.

You just need to follow a certain number of rules.

However, about them and speech.

Rule number 1. Choose the right company!

The insurance company should have the longest period of work in the market– this will give you at least some guarantee that the company will not disappear and go bankrupt.

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Companies, leading their existence since pre-revolutionary times, are not worth believing, on the contrary, but you can find out the real period of work in the market.

If it is more than 10 years old, you can use their services,but get ready for prices to be 5-10 percent higher.

In addition to the term of presence in the market, there are other criteria. For car owners the most critical are:

  • the presence of insurance commissioners in the company and the speed of their arrival at the accident site. Frequently, middle-ranking lawyers go to insurance commissioners, whose education can greatly help in contacts with traffic police representatives at early stages. Of course, this service is far from free, but in case of problems with the law, it pays for itself very well;
  • the presence in the company of professional lawyers who assist in the collection and submission to the traffic police package of documents. Again, this saves you from a very large number of problems, and possibly from additional costs. Unlike the previous paragraph, this decision is more common and sometimes even included in the basic insurance package. However, even if it is not, it is worth thinking about purchasing this service;
  • the ability to compensate for minor damage without reference from the traffic police. This is very important, as glass is most often affected during small accidents and less often the body. If the damage is minimal, most of the adequate companies pay for them without any questions (the usual solution: all windows plus body damage cost no more than 5% of the car price), but there are also those that will require a certificate for each scratch;
  • prompt reparation The normal solution is to pay damages within 7–12 days. Of course, this is not 2-3 days, as in some Western companies, but, on the other hand, their prices are much higher;
  • possibility of remote settlement of damages. A very necessary option that allows you to send a car to a service center, even if there is no help from the insurance company and thus save yourself a couple of days.

In addition, you should pay attention to the depreciation policy of the car – most insurance companies reduce the estimated value over time.

A relatively normal solution is 20% in the first year, 15% in the second and 10% in the following years.

However, some companies play on the ignorance of customers and bring this parameter to 20–30%, which devalues ​​your car (and reduces the size of their payments) much faster.

Also pay attention to the procedure for making insurance premiums– often companies offer various options, from one-time payment to a lifetime rate.

It’s up to you to choose which one, but if you cannot pay everything at once, then an interest-free installment plan may well be a sufficient reason to choose one company over another.

In addition, many insurance companies also offer special conditions for those who have approached them from the site or through the central office, as well as to owners of several cars or motorists with great experience who do not have a history of fines and offenses.

However, a reverse process is also possible: many companies check whether insurance amounts have already been paid to this owner,and if the amount is more than a certain amount (each company sets its own depending on its volumes, financial reserves and willingness to risk), the cost of insurance will slightly increase.

In addition, the reason for the increase in the amount of insurance premiums may be the fact that the insured was the cause of the accident.

Rule number 2. Do not trust advertising!

Television advertising claims that CASCO is the best type of car insurance, and in general it is right.

However, the best for all does not mean the best for you.

So study in detail all the booklets and contracts of the company – it is possible that she has a more preferred type of insurance.

For example, the high cost of a hull insurance is so high only because all possible risks are taken into account in this tariff plan.

However, many companies also provide cheaper tariff packages that lack Casco points that are unprofitable for this company.

If you are a neat driver, you often don’t need them either, so everyone will benefit.

But if not … believe me, it is better to pay insurers.


The cost of insurance under the OSAGO system is the same everywhere and depends already on the power and cost of the car.

drawing machine collision with a pillar

There can be no preferences here, apart from personal sympathy for a particular company, so it is better to insure a car under MTPL in the same place where you issued general car insurance.

By the way, there is one feature here: A CTP for six months is 70% of the annual payment, and for the second six months – 30%.

Thus, the insurance company prevents the client from going to another company.

It is worth remembering that the maximum amount of payments paid by CTP is 400 thousand rubles in total,while only 160 thousand rubles (but up to 120 thousand rubles per person) will be taken to cover damage to property, and the rest is provided to cover damage to health and life.

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But DSAGO – this is serious.

DSAGO guarantees that in case of damage caused by you additional funds will be paid.

And this is a good addition, because according to the price lists, a damaged traffic light tower costs more than a million rubles, so if you manage to crash into it, you will regret a hundred times that you did not buy DSAGO.

The cost of this type of insurance is difficult to predict, since it is determined by the insurance company itself, however, on average, it is 20–50 cu. insurance premium for increase in payments up to 10 000 cu

“Green map”

There is also a “Green Card” – an insurance policy for a car when traveling abroad,which insures your car so that you can repair it outside of the Russian Federation.

Most of the official overseas service stations seriously overestimate prices, if the owner does not have insurance.

Rule number 3. Check insurance against theft

Car insurance against theft and theft are two different things,and you should make sure of this when reading the insurance contract.

the attacker breaks the lock on the car door

Some companies put only one clause in the contracts – “theft” and use the naivety of inexperienced drivers.

But if both points are indicated, this can be an excellent reason for choosing this particular company.

You, of course, ask what is the difference between these points.

So, theft is the seizure of someone else’s car for any reason not related to personal gain.

If a group of teenagers steals your car and smashes it in the forest, it is a hijacking.

And embezzlement implies that the hijacker has something to do with it.

If your car is stolen and then sold – it will be a theft.

Insurance companies successfully use the difference between these legal concepts in order to avoid payment.

However, as we have already mentioned, it is possible to give up some items of comprehensive insurance, including those such as “theft” and “theft”, which will reduce the size of your insurance premiums, but make you more vulnerable.

As you can see, using only three rules, you can easily insure your car.

However, we add to them one more, unofficial.

After you decide on the insurance company, check its reputation on the Internetand chat with those who already use its services.

Sometimes you can learn a lot of new and very interesting information, and not in favor of the company.

But if your choice has successfully passed this test, and it suits you financially …

Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect option!